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FUMEL is an agro-industry that adds value to the products of small farmers and family farmers in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The company maintains long-term partnerships with farmers, with stable and fair prices, which enables the sustainable growth of family farming.


With 90% of all handmade manufacturing, from the planting to the final production, FUMEL has a line of traditionally cultural sweets with distinctive touches through delicious combinations of nature itself. All products are natural, 100% fruit, gluten free, lactose free, without preservatives, retaining all the natural properties of fruits, rich in essential substances for the perfect functioning of our organism.


Make affordable healthy and tasty products that promote welfare for consumers.


Socially fair

When people believe in our actions, they push our purpose forward.

Sustainable economy

Always thinking about the future.

Environmentally responsible

We make efforts to change the world with better attitudes.



Encouragement to organic fruit growing, especially the banana, for agribusiness in Rio de Janeiro – FUMEL and PESAGRO-RIO accord

The objective of the project is to stimulate the organic production of banana in family agriculture as a way of increasing income to the producer and increasing the availability of healthy foods.