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Ipanema Valley


Produtos Cachoeirenses

Apis Natural

Fumel products succeeding in Canada, with its headquarters in Toronto.

Natural products, mainly guava, produced by Fumel. Delicious and healthy, the taste of fruit!

Packer and distributor of natural products. Its mission is to place and maintain natural family farming products as accessible to every consumer as possible.



Fumel was benefited by the Public Notice 16 Rio Innovation 2008 – support for innovation and technological diffusion in RJ.


Federação das Associações dos Apicultores do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.


Created in 1976, PESAGRO-RIO, is a public company, linked to the Secretaria de Estado de Agricultura, Pecuária, Pesca e Abastecimento e integrante do Sistema Nacional de Pesquisa Agropecuária - SNPA and to Conselho Nacional do Sistemas Estaduais de Pesquisa Agropecuária - CONSEPA.



Associação de Produtores Agroindustriais do Rio de Janeiro. The Blog is being created for the dissemination of products and services offered by family agriculture in Rio de Janeiro, including: agroindustry, agriculture, rural tourism and handicrafts, among others.


The Projeto Germiniscência was designed by the nutricionist Mariana Zogaib and aims to spread healthy food and a natural lifestyle. Uses Fumel products in their culinary activities.